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Thanks, and most importantly, have fun!


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No New Posts General Board

You can talk about anything here

Moderator: ♥Birchstar♥

3 55 Future Plot
by .:||:.Spirit.:||:.
May 14, 2008 18:33:45 GMT -5
No New Posts Fun&Games

Create games, have fun, post funny videos!

13 221 Create a Story
by .:||:.Spirit.:||:.
Mar 24, 2008 20:58:39 GMT -5
No New Posts Site Information

Here are the rules, character limits, storyline, and more. Basically everything you need to know about the site is here.

Moderators: ±∞STREAMY∞±, ♥Birchstar♥

by ±∞STREAMY∞±
Mar 10, 2008 18:08:16 GMT -5
No New Posts Polls

Create polls here, Warriors- or not Warriors-related.

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No New Posts Graphics

If you make graphics, like signatures, PM an admin and we'll make a sub-board for you--your very own graphic booth!

Moderator: ±∞STREAMY∞±

Sub-boards: ~Streamy's Siggie Booth!!~, Taslin's Booth!, Sandi's Catastic Emporium!, ::Cindy's Siggie Service::

8 51 Character Art
by moonpaw
Sept 30, 2008 12:24:08 GMT -5
No New Posts Photo Album

If you have photos of yourself, your pets, or anything else, post them here for everyone to ooh and ahh at.

Moderator: ±∞STREAMY∞±

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No New Posts Advertising

This is where you can post other sites.

Moderator: ♥Birchstar♥

87 124 F-E-L-I-D-A-E
by FelidaeAdmin
Dec 17, 2011 19:24:36 GMT -5
No New Posts Leave of Absence

If you're going away, make the post here to let us know!

Moderator: ♥Birchstar♥

20 64 Temporary Absence
by ::Fern::
May 17, 2008 7:07:18 GMT -5
No New Posts Staff Board

This is where the staff discuss issues about the site. *Password Protected*

Moderators: ±∞STREAMY∞±, ♥Birchstar♥

5 92
No New Posts Archives

This is where all old threads go. Staff, please move threads that haven't been replied to for three weeks here. There's an IC sub-board and an OOC sub-board. This is just to clean the site up a bit.

Moderator: ±∞STREAMY∞±

Sub-boards: IC archives, OOC arhives

87 978 Here for a Purpose
by ±∞STREAMY∞±
Mar 20, 2008 10:28:32 GMT -5


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No New Posts Create a Cat

Here you can make your cat's bio. When it is accepted, it will be moved to the Accepted Bios board.

10 41 Faintstep
by shadow
Dec 13, 2008 15:02:47 GMT -5
No New Posts Accepted Bios

This is where the accepted bios will go.

Sub-boards: BrookClan Cats, HeatherClan Cats, ForestClan Cats, PastureClan Cats, Out Of Clan Cats, MoonTribe Cats

77 299 Dovetail
by [^^].Luna.[^^]
Apr 28, 2008 19:25:50 GMT -5
No New Posts Contest Bios

This is where the biographies for the accepted Application Contest cats go. =) There will be a sub-board, only for Streamy, Fawn, and Sky to discuss the possible winner, and then when the winner is picked, the other bios will be moved back to Accepted Bios except for the winner.

Moderators: ±∞STREAMY∞±, ♥Birchstar♥

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No New Posts Allegiances

After your bio is accepted, please post your cat here, in the right Clan allegiance. If you don't post it here, it WILL NOT be in the allegiances.

Sub-boards: BrookClan Allegiances, HeatherClan Allegiances, ForestClan Allegiances, PastureClan Allegiances

4 8 BrookClan Allegiance
by ±∞STREAMY∞±
Jan 31, 2008 16:07:17 GMT -5
No New Posts Character Adoptions

If you don't want a charrie anymore, or if one of your cats had kits, post here. Someone will hopefully take the character.

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No New Posts Classified Ads

Here's the place to post classified ads if you need something. For example: if you're looking for a mate or friends for your cat.

2 16 Apprentice Needed
by ::Fern::
May 29, 2008 19:04:59 GMT -5


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No New Posts BrookClan Camp

Located in the heart of the ravine on a farm in Whisper Creek, this is where the BrookClan cats sleep, eat, and just chill out.

Moderator: ♥Birchstar♥

Sub-board: Highrock

1 4 all cats going to gathering
by .Taslin.•*"*•.
Mar 22, 2008 19:58:10 GMT -5
No New Posts Steep Ravine

On the edge of one of the fields, the green bluegrass turns to pines, and forest areas. There's a steep ravine, and if you follow it down, you arrive at the BrookClan camp, but beware. If you fall, you could be badly injured.

Moderator: ♥Birchstar♥

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No New Posts Flowing Brook

Once you're safely down the ravine, you reach a flowly brook. The waters are clear enough to drink and bathe in. There's a land bridge to cross so you don't get your paws wet.

Moderator: ♥Birchstar♥

1 5 What's Wrong with [Trespassing?] - open -
by [^^].Luna.[^^]
Mar 28, 2008 21:26:41 GMT -5
No New Posts Concealed Pastures

Once you've traveled deeper into the forest, and have crossed the brook, you'll come to a few cow pastures, hidden within the trees. It is here that mentors train their apprentices.

Moderator: ♥Birchstar♥

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No New Posts HeatherClan Camp

This is where HeatherClan makes their camp. Located in the highest hills of the farm, HeatherClan lives on what the twolegs call, The Big Ridge. It's very windy up there, and heather grows fertively, providing places to hide during attacks.

Moderators: ♥Birchstar♥, ±∞STREAMY∞±

1 1 cats going to the gathering!!!
by ±∞STREAMY∞±
Mar 20, 2008 11:00:01 GMT -5
No New Posts The Twin Hills

Here there are two huge hills. If seen from the camp, they overlap. Between them are many rabbit burrows and many other small creatures. This is HeatherClan's main hunting ground.

Moderator: ±∞STREAMY∞±

1 2 bored to death. well, not really. [[OPEN!]]
by [^^].Luna.[^^]
Apr 29, 2008 20:50:28 GMT -5
No New Posts Sharp-Edge

What the cats like to call Sharp-Edge is the edge of a rather high cliff that overlooks onto PastureClan territory. Here it is rather barren and rocky, but there is a patch of soft sand, where apprentices are trained.

Moderator: ±∞STREAMY∞±

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No New Posts Rolling Plains

This is the border between ForestClan and HeatherClan territory. There is a thin stretch of pines, then the pine forest thins out into plains. This is another good hunting spot for HeatherClan.

Moderator: ±∞STREAMY∞±

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No New Posts The Little Forest

This is a small stretch of woodland near ForestClan territory that belongs to HeatherClan. As these cats hunt all kinds of prey, so they use this territory quite a lot, since prey prospers here.

Moderator: ±∞STREAMY∞±

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No New Posts ForestClan Camp

ForestClan make their camp in the most woody part of the farm. In the forest. These trees are mostly pine, and they boarder the fields in which PastureClan live.

Moderator: ♥Birchstar♥

Sub-boards: The Fallen Log, The Leader's Den, The Medicine Cat's Den

1 2 going to gathering -
by ±∞STREAMY∞±
Mar 21, 2008 13:35:16 GMT -5
No New Posts The Forest

This is the forest where Forestclan have made their home. This part is the part surrounding the camp and is a fair mix of Pine trees and Oak trees. This is full of prey and rather thick.

Moderator: ♥Birchstar♥

1 1 a [[sunny]] a.fternoon } xx :: open
by ±∞STREAMY∞±
Mar 20, 2008 14:26:03 GMT -5
No New Posts The Pines

This is the ring of forest that is thinner and completly Pines. This is also the border with pastureclan and linned with a long line of Pines next to a small thunderpath.

Moderator: ♥Birchstar♥

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No New Posts The Half Plain

This is over the far side of Forestclan territory, close to Heatherclan terriotry. This is where the forest starts to thin out and turn to meadows, Until you reach the line of Pines where you reach the Heatherclan territory.

Moderator: ♥Birchstar♥

1 1 a mid-afternoon //run// +open+
by [^^].Luna.[^^]
Apr 29, 2008 21:17:58 GMT -5
No New Posts The Mossy Hollow

This is a hollow that is lined with soft moss and fallen tree trunks. This is where all mentors bring their apprentices to train.

Moderator: ♥Birchstar♥

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No New Posts PastureClan Camp

PastureClan make their camp in the field with horses and cows. It's a good place to live, because you can sit on the fence posts, and keep a lookout.

Moderator: ♥Birchstar♥

4 76 Ceremony! ++PastureClanners++
by ôSnowô
May 10, 2008 9:50:40 GMT -5
No New Posts Open Range

A large, open range of land that is just a grass plain. No trees grow here but the place is abundent with herbs and prey. Pastureclan cats come here to hunt, train, and relax.

2 3 Collecting Herbs-OPEN
by moonpaw
Aug 9, 2008 18:30:02 GMT -5
No New Posts River Branch

This is a small creeck that runs across the Pastureclan territory. It is part of a larger river that flows else were. The cats come here to get a drink of the water that is sheltered by the trees at the edge of the territory, but have to be wary about snakes, water creatures and livestock.

1 1 Just Out for a Hunt
by .Taslin.•*"*•.
Jun 2, 2008 17:44:16 GMT -5

Neutral Territory

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No New Posts The Farm House

This is the home of the two legs that own the farm that the Clan's live on. They are not unfriendly at all, mostly kind and caring, and will even invite you in to stay awhile.

Moderator: ♥Birchstar♥

Sub-board: The Garden

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No New Posts Horse Barn

This is where the Clans meet every full moon for a Gathering--a huge, abandoned horse barn. Its roof was almost completely torn off by a storm, a long time ago. Consequently, the cats can see the moon when they come to the Gathering.

1 16 GATHERING ! ! ! [starts march 21st]
by [^^].Luna.[^^]
Apr 20, 2008 21:35:33 GMT -5
No New Posts Moonfall

This is where the Clan cats come to share tongues with DreamClan--their StarClan. It is a huge waterfall flowing off of a river that is the border between BrookClan and ForestClan. The Dreamstone is behind the waterfall. To get in, the cats jump down from the edge to jutting rocks, and on the side of the waterfall there is a tiny gap where only a little bit of water drips through. Inside, there is a very shallow pool of water, and jutting out is a tall rock-the Dreamrock. At the half-moon, the moon shines into the crack at an angle, and the Dreamrock seems to ignite. To share tongues with DreamClan, the cats drink from the Dreampool and then touch their noses to the Dreamrock.

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Kittypet Houses

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Lyze's Nest

A twoleg nest surrounded by fencing, with an outdoor Maine Coon cat named Lyze. He will welcome outsiders to his nest anytime they come by.

Sub-board: Sadie's Nest

1 30 {Secret.Meeting}
by WolfGurl
Mar 10, 2008 18:42:19 GMT -5
No New Posts Sadie's Nest

Sadie lives in a well kept yard surrounded by a white fence. She is a very positive, spoiled and gullible cat who welcomes most.

1 20 Thinking in the garden
by WolfGurl
Jun 15, 2008 22:32:52 GMT -5

Loner Territories

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No New Posts MoonTribe's Caves

The caves these strange cats have decided to inhabit delve deep into rocky hills and cliffs leading to the Waterfall. They are about a morning's march from the Clan territories.
The caves attach to each other with winding tunnels inside the hills, and are lit with shards of sparkling crystal speckled throughout the walls. Around the caves, is open forest area for hunting; left off from the thicker forests near the Clans. There almost always seems to be the glowing eyes of a MoonTribe cat showing in the shadows.

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No New Posts Run Down Horse Barn

This is a nice spot for loners to come and relax freely.

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No New Posts The Waterfall Valley

Near BrookClan territory lies a small thicket of trees, tightly wound together with vines that sees the end of the clan's territory at the entry to the beautiful waterfall and rainforest valley beyond. The area is only small, being about a quarter the size of a clan's territory but each square is used wisely with thick rainforest, abundant prey and a beautiful waterfall and lake below the whole thing and the only patch lit fully by the sun.This is where Simba the loner lives and welcomes many cats to come and see him, as long as they don't overdo their stay.

Moderator: ♥Birchstar♥

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts The Black Meadow

This is a meadow that, at first site, is beautiful and full of flowers. It seems to draw you in. But go deep enough into the meadow, and there are almost invisible pitfalls, and in some places the ground is covered in snakes, or rat burrows. In the center of the land, there is a patch of rocks where nothing seems to grow and not a creature seems to live. The territory reflects the personality of the Loner whose den is among those cold stones, Shimmer. Shimmer is the only one who can navigate the Black Meadow, but she is too evil to even think about helping you. In fact, if you trespass, she may lead you directly into a danger...

Moderator: [^^].Luna.[^^]

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No New Posts The Barren Hill

This is a rather large hill with patchy grass and some large stones. It has some prey hiding among rocks--just enough to feed Tangle, the loner who lives there. Sometimes he hunts in other loners' territories and at the Barn. If you wander in, beware--you just might lose your life if Tangle's in a less-than-great mood.

Moderator: ±∞STREAMY∞±

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No New Posts The Copse

A little ways away from the other territories, in a thick copse of trees and vegetation, Nicolae the loner resides. The copse is quite large, and attaching to the Clan's territories by a corner. The border between the two is a little mini stream that's supplied by the waterfall. Although it's slightly attached to the Clans, the closest territory is Simba's. The trees are strong and tall, and the underbrush is healthy. Prey is plentiful, and Nicolae rarely hunts from others' territory if it's not just for fun. Inside the copse, near the middle, there's a collapsed tree that's bent in an arch, backed by a boulder. Right from the look of it, it resembles a den. Moss, lichens, and ferns have grown on the rock, and drape over the tree, forming a type of curtain; this is where Nicolae makes his home. Everyone's almost always welcome, Nicolae loves company, just be on your guard is all.

Moderator: .Taslin.•*"*•.

1 20 A Tour/Visit
by ôSnowô
Mar 7, 2008 15:43:21 GMT -5


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